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Make Money Mining Cryptocurrencies At Home



Bitcoin is making headlines in mainstream media on a daily basis, and deservedly so.

It’s the mother of all cryptocurrency and, with few exceptions, tends to dictate the profitability of all other alt coins beneath it. On a value-per-coin level, it’s worth far more than any other digital currency in existence and there are more than 1000 of them. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Electroneum, Ravencoin, Ethereum, just to name a few.

Without going deeply into the history of Bitcoin or its hordes of both unique and flash-in-the-pan spinoffs, you can’t actually mine Bitcoin with regular computers anymore. It requires specialized and expensive hardware called ASICs. However, you can mine other coins and convert them to Bitcoin through a variety of exchanges and services. You can also earn Bitcoin by “lending” your computer’s processing power to services like NiceHash which pay out in Bitcoin. But that’s another rabbit hole for another time!
What is mining though? It’s somewhat misunderstood as the process of “finding coins” but it’s more complex than that. Here in this course, you will find out the nuts and bolts of mining in cryptocurrencies work!

Course Objectives

Here are some of the topics you will master throughout the course :

  • Provide an overview of what mining in cryptocurrencies is about.

  • How individual can profit from investing into mining rigs.

  • Consider building business on mining rig farms and a career in Crypto-mining industry.

  • Practical Class activities to allow learners to set up their Mining Rig.

  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Analysis.

Who Should Attend

Whether you are a complete beginner, IT expert, someone who wants to fully commit or just do it part time, this course is designed to suit and benefit anyone who wants to profit consistently from cryptocurrencies mining.

Target Audience

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to :
Invest in Cryptocurrencies;
Financial Services Representatives;
Executives in the Financial Services Industry.

Course Info

Crypto Mining 101
Duration : 8 hours
Language : English and Chinese

“Amazing class, I now have the confidence to trade.

Joan Marks

“20% ROI In my first 2 months of trading. Thanks Coach James”

Kevin Lee

“Great company, great people. great exchange. I have finally found a place that fulfils al my crypto needs .”

Maggie Weng

Course Syllabus

Understanding Mechanics of Mining in Crypto

  • Steps for setting up your mining business
  • Understanding the components of mining rigs
  • How to keep the rigs cool in good conditions?

The knowledge need to set up Mining Rig

  • What is cryptocurrency mining?
  • What is Hashrate?
  • Optimal condition for your mining rig
  • What is Cloud Mining?
  • What is pool mining?

How to ensure that you can make your mining rig work harder for you?

  • Coin Vs Token
  • Get your Crypto Wallet for your Mining Production
  • Mining Profit calculators To assess the best fit of mining rigs
  • Guide for selecting the most Profitable coin to Mine
  • Assessment checklist for Mining Rig
  • Market Forecast/ Mining Report