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What is cryptocurrency: 21st-century unicorn – or the money of the future?

Today cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon known to most people. While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.
In 2016, you‘ll have a hard time finding a major bank, a big accounting firm, a prominent software company or a government that did not research cryptocurrencies, publish a paper about it or start a so-called blockchain-project. Few people know, but cryptocurrencies emerged as a side product of another invention. Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown inventor of Bitcoin, the first and still most important cryptocurrency, never intended to invent a currency.
In his announcement of Bitcoin in late 2008, Satoshi said he developed “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”

His goal was to invent something; many people failed to create before digital cash. The single most important part of Satoshi‘s invention was that he found a way to build a decentralised digital cash system. In the nineties, there have been many attempts to create digital money, but they all failed. But today In 2018, bitcoin has been accepted by several governments, celebrities, popular personalities, investment experts and merchandisers have also joined in the fray to accept bitcoin as digital currency.
Price has risen to a whopping USD 20,000 per Bitcoin! The need of having knowledge for investment adviser, financial services representatives, retail investors who in the previous denial will find course important, as this program introduces and explains the most important thing about cryptocurrencies. We have identified an innate gift to structure information into logical frameworks and then communicate them to learners in such a way that people felt at ease, understood and respected and not patronised, judged or inferior.

Course Objectives

Here are some of the topics you will master throughout the course :

  • To provide the learners most simplified and easy to understand concepts to deliver advices in bitcoin, blockchain technology, mining and alt coins in cryptocurrencies.

  • Practical Class activities to allow learners to understand Initial Coins Offering (ICO) and its’ fundamentals analysis.

Who Should Attend

If you are interested in Technology, Investment, Banking and Financial Services or Sales and Marketing, this course will be equip you with the necessary knowledge to understand the basics of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

Target Audience

  • Trainers for financial services and property companies;
  • Relationship Managers for banks;
  • Investment bankers;

Course Info

  • Advisory Course 101
  • Duration : 7.5 hours
  • Language : English and Chinese

“Amazing class, I now have the confidence to trade.

Joan Marks

“20% ROI In my first 2 months of trading. Thanks Coach James”

Kevin Lee

“Great company, great people. great exchange. I have finally found a place that fulfils al my crypto needs .”

Maggie Weng

Course Content

  • The history of Bitcoin, the inventor initially set out to achieve!
  • To learn about Technology 4.0, disruptive “Blockchain” in money transfer and implications to economy, lifestyles, etc.
  • To appreciate how ‘mining’ works in blockchain technology.
  • To understand alternate coins in the market and it’s fundamental.
  • To Learn about the options on how investors profit from cryptocurrencies.

Course Syllabus

What Is Fiat and Consensus Currency?

To learn about how ‘hard, fiat’ currency come about and the role currencies exist in the eco system
Legal tender (money – notes and coins) issued by government.
Value is backed by the government that issues it.
Regulated and traded in currency markets around the world
Traditional ways money transfer

What is Cryptocurrency (Digital Money)?

To learn about background of BTC and the importance of BTC today.
Brief background of Bitcoin (BTC).
BTC is the Mother of all cryptocurrencies.
Brief history of BTC.

What is Blockchain?

To learn and appreciate the disruptive technology behind the success of BTC.
Conventional Money Transfer Method.
Speak on conventional money transfer money method. Distributed Open Ledger.
Security used in Blockchain.
How transaction is added in a Blockchain and how Blockchain gets synchronised.

What is Mining?

To learn and appreciate the roles of miners.
Mining is the process of miners working on solving the mathematical problems.
The first to solve the problem gets to authenticate the new transaction announced in the network. The successful miner gets rewarded with BTC.
Once a transaction is authenticated, it gets announced on the network.
All nodes will update their Distributed Open Ledgers.
Hence all Distributed Open Ledgers get synchronized.

Emergence of Alt coins

To learn about the emergence of alternative coins and how they are accessed on the fundamentals.
Altcoin = Bitcoin Alternatives.
Any Cryptocurrency Except Bitcoin.
Currently there are more than 1100 altcoins in the digital world.
Some example – Mcap, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash.
The 5 transactional properties and 4 fundamentals of altcoins.

What is ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

To learn about the dynamic of fund raising via ICO for business.
3 keys requirement of a ‘developer’ starting an ICO.
What’re the story or roadmap setup to attract investors.
Supply and demands factors in ICO.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Learn and apply the knowledge and opportunities arising from Cryptocurrencies.
Trading in cryptocurrencies market.
Lending Programs in Cryptocurrencies.
Referral program.