t Fortis Moneta, our goal is to be a worldwide leader in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

We combine years of experience in Finance, Education and Technology to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are an everyday investor looking to learn how to take advantage of this fast paced market, or a business leader who wants to know how Blockchain Technology can streamline your business so you can be at the forefront of this new digital age. We at Fortis Moneta have a solution for you.

CFD & Trader Program

We partner with HKCCEX a US listed company to power our CFD platform. Our platform offers the most competitive spread and the best instructors and community leaders to help you maximize your profit through tested trading models and risk management strategy. There is no better partner to navigate this volatile market than FMH. Your premier crypto hub in Asia.



Fortis Academy aims to be to the global leader in cryptocurrency education, we educate individuals to prepare them for the dynamic fast paced technological world of mining, trading and blockchain technology.


ICO Advisory

We are dedicated to raising the bar in the ICO space. Our handpicked ICOs are the best in their industry and are subjected to regulatory standards of security listing platforms such as Nasdaq and HK stock exchange.




ersonalize Your Experience

We are a global, boutique CFD proprietary trading company that seeks to recruit, train and build a team of traders via our unique Trader Trainee Programme. We strive to assist traders from all over the world to become successful in the markets, to prove their trading skills and gain access to higher capital funding.

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

FMX has partnered with the Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange (HKCCEX), to offer a cryptocurrency trading platform where every day users can invest in 9 of the top, most popular cryptocurrencies.

FMX has opened Singapore’s first dedicated cryptocurrency training facility. The FMX training team are consist of leading traders and investors from Singapore and the region – people who have invested in and made significant money from cryptocurrencies.

The team brings practical and up-to-date information for lesson attendees that allow them to use these techniques and information to put them in the best position to learn the fundamentals about cryptocurrencies and what they are, and how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies.

The FMX Training Centre located at the new SingPost Centre, features a 60-seat lecture and seminar room, as well as private trading booths where 1-on-1 sessions with FMX trainers can take place.

FMX’s easy-to-use crypto trading platform combined with ongoing training and guidance from the FMX trainers and traders, provides safest and easiest way for new investors to make money through cryptocurrency trading and investment.

What Our Students Say

“Amazing class, I now have the confidence to trade.

Joan Marks

“20% ROI In my first 2 months of trading. Thanks Coach James”

Kevin Lee

“Great company, great people. great exchange. I have finally found a place that fulfils al my crypto needs .”

Maggie Weng